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Self defense for women

Everyone can oppose a stronger attacker provided that they know how to defend themselves and do not succumb to panic in a moment of stress and surprise. Women are often chosen as a target of attack, since they are perceived as weaker and unable to defend themselves.
Various self-defence trainings designed to prepare its participants, both mentally and physically, for any possible situations, including defence and escape, are becoming increasingly popular.
Often hearing about assaults, many people wonder how they would act in such a situation and whether they would be able to notice the threat in advance. According to self-defence instructors, the most vital thing for successful response is the right mental attitude and self-confidence.
During many years of conducting self-defence courses, I noticed that people who were initially very insecure (which was revealed by their body language) started to behave differently after proper training. Their attitudes changed significantly. Such people felt much more confident and were able to show that. This is a very crucial aspect of self-defence training as the potential attacker evaluates possible victims and chooses the one that is unlikely to fight back.
Usually, every self-defence course covers similar elements. As for the physical aspect, it is critical to improve the trainees’ fitness so that, if possible, they can save themselves by escaping without engaging into combat. It should be emphasized, however, that a training, that usually has a limited timeframe, cannot improve one's physical condition as much as systematic running.
The majority of self-defence techniques taught include basic punches, kicks and releasing from all kinds of grips. These techniques should be practiced in different variants so that the trainees are able to use them without hesitation. The exercises should be combined with loud screaming to scare off the attacker and alert the attention of others around.
One should also get to know the sensitive points on the human body in order to instinctively decide where to focus an attack. By impacting the sensitive areas, we can completely break the attack or gain some time and a chance to escape. Of course, there is no need to learn all the pressure points as martial arts practitioners do. For the purposes of such a training, it is enough to practice attacks on a few critical points.
It is also a good practice to learn to take advantage of items available on hand. A purse or an umbrella may allow one to gain a safe distance in combat. Knowing how to use a pen, yawara, kubotan, flashlight or a simple wrench is invaluable and can help us get out of serious trouble.
Initially, the training is about learning the basic techniques. Then, we master the elements of defence by practicing with a partner. People who have never engaged in this type of exercises are often afraid of doing harm to their sparring partner.
The best way to solve this problem is to provide training during which attackers use pads to protect themselves against injury. In such a setting, we can practice any techniques with full force without fear that our fighting partner would be harmed.
The pads are very helpful in practicing the basic techniques. However, if we want to train full contact fighting with the use of an umbrella, stick, a telescopic baton, a pen, yawara, kubotan, a flashlight, a hair stick or other items, a life size training mannequin is the best choice. We can bring out even the strongest blows that could be dangerous even for a man wearing protective gear without any concerns.
In addition to exercises in the gym, practical field exercises would be advisable. A number of safety tactic issues should be addressed there. For example: how to walk in narrow corridors, how to position oneself in lifts and small spaces, and how to safely enter a building. Defence in a car is a separate topic. Obviously, there are many more interesting and noteworthy topics; however, it all depends on the timeframe available for completing the training.
All right reserved Krzysztof Rosowski

All right reserved Krzysztof Rosowski

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