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Tai Chi ruler

Exercises with a Tai Chi ruler is a lesser-known form of martial arts training. The exercises use a specially designed stick that the practitioner holds between the hands. By keeping the distance between your hands constant, you can better focus on your movements. Basic exercises involve moving the stick in different directions which improves the flow of chi energy.
Initially, this art was known as the Guiding Needle of Qi or Lord of the Treasures. It wasn't until Tai Chi became more popular that the name was changed. It is an exercise of Taoist origin and has a healing effect on the human body.
The construction of this device is very simple. It is a short wooden pole with two semicircular ends that allow you to hold it comfortably during exercises. A beginner can easily prepare such a tool by cutting a pole to the correct length and sanding the edges so that it fits snugly to the hand.
Exercises can be performed standing, sitting and lying down. The most common position is standing, while the lying position is intended only for patients whose movement is impaired.
Basic training includes circular movements in front of the body, figure of eight movements and replicating martial arts strikes. Movements are soft and relaxed. This is a great way to keep your shoulder joints and wrists flexible.
This practice also allows you to open up energy pathways, remove any restrictions and increase the flow of Qi along the meridians of the body. Gentle pressure via the tip of the stick stimulates point 8 of the pericardial meridian called Lao Gong.
This kind of exercise has many additional benefits
1. It relaxes and prevents injuries caused by hard training
2. In athletes it restores the integrity of damaged joints, tendons and muscles
3. In elderly people who have problems with simple activities, it gently restores the mobility of the hands, arms and wrists.
4. It improves coordination and balance.
5. It teaches how to integrate arm movements with the whole body.
6. It improves circulation.
7. It works with the nervous system to calm the mind and heart.

The Lord of the Chi dagger is an additional exercise for advanced martial artists. The shape of the weapon is believed to be derived from the hilt of an ancient Chinese sword. Anyone who knows the form with a weapon can, after completing the basic, health-focused exercises, practice these techniques, harmonizing breathing with a gentle practice combined with changes in position.
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